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You have access to all files, process, startup and installed applications, active connections etc. You can also take control of remote computers after establishing a connection between your computer and the remote computers.


This menu is very interesting! You can now capture a photo from webcam, sound from microphone, screenshot, and keyboard strokes from remote computers. You can also grab any password from all versions of Chrome, Mozilla, Outlook, Yandex and Comodo Dragon.


You can take the Hosts File, Script Executer, Fake Message Viewer or any other important file from remote computers.

Darktrack's Story

Darktrack's Story

Darktrack has been under development since March of 2014. This tool is used as a Remote Administrator Tool on any Windows platform, providing users with tons of features. Coded completely in Delphi (Native Platform), there's no need for frameworks or any other 3rd party application. Best of all, you will never have to pay for the license. Ever!


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